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For almost a decade, television writers aged 40 and over have been litigating 23 age discrimination class action cases against television networks, studios, and talent agencies. They have now entered settlement agreements subject to Court approval in 19 of the cases for an aggregate amount of $70 million, plus accrued interest on a portion of that amount.


This Web site was created and is maintained by the lawyers representing the television writers. Several pages on this Web site, with violet links on the adjoining menu, describe the settlement, explain how to file a claim to share in the $70 million settlement fund if you are eligible, and provide information about the lawyers who have litigated the cases and who can assist you now to file your claims at no charge. The deadline for filing a claim in the Television Writers Settlement has passed. To help you navigate the Web site to find the information you want, review the list of contents below.


Note that the two links in pink contain general information relevant to all 23 cases. The final three links, in green, provide information about the four cases that are not covered by the settlement agreements.



Contains new information about the Settlement that has been prepared since this site went live on January 22, 2010.


Contact Us                                         

Provides the contact information for Class Counsel.


Frequently Asked Questions             

Contains answers to most questions, such as how the settlements will be approved, how much money may be distributed, and how to file a claim form to request an award from the fund. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here, you can contact us directly.


Fund for the Future                           

Briefly describes the fund to be created under the settlement to further the careers of and provide financial help to Settlement Class Members. A link to additional information is provided.


Settlement Documents                       

Provides a description of the documents applicable to all of the 19 settling cases with links to each document.


Press Information                               

Contains the statement by Lead Class Counsel, Paul Sprenger, and the press release concerning the settlement.



Lists the defendants and certain affiliates, with links to individual settlement documents, grouped by corporate family.



Lists the plaintiffs, including members of the Liaison Committee, who assisted Class Counsel during the course of the litigation and settlement negotiations.


Confidentiality Policy                        

Describes the confidentiality that applies to communications between class members and counsel.


History of the Cases                          

Describes the history of the litigation through the federal and state court systems since 2000.


Class Counsel                             

Identifies the lawyers who have represented the plaintiffs and the proposed class members during the litigation and settlement negotiations.


Ongoing case: CAA                           

Describes the only one of 23 TV Writers cases not settled and links to the Web site of attorneys litigating that case.


Irv Schechter Agency                        

Provides links to information about a proposed agreement subject to Court approval in a separate case against a now defunct talent agency.


ICM-Broder Settlement                     

Describes the status of a separate earlier settlement of two of the 23 TV Writers cases and links to reports on final proceedings.


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